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Baiyun Hotel, Huangshan Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.

About White Cloud House-Baiyun Hotel

Baiyun Hotel, a hotel with white walls and black roof tiles roof, sits at the foot of Guangming Peak, in front of Lotus Peak, between peaks of the Aoyu and Xihai Grand Canyon. It is located in the heart of Mount Huangshan Scenic Area. A four-star hotel, it is a must-visit when you come to Mount Huangshan. At an altitude of 1,700 meters, you like to see stars and the moon clearly, where you can also take a look at distant mountains, clouds, breathtaking scenery, and feel at home.

  • Baiyun Hotel is located at the entrance of Tianhai Area of Mount Huangshan Scenic Spot and Xihai Grand Canyon.

    The hotel has 200 luxurious, elegant and cozy standard rooms. Its dining rooms, banquet halls, fine western restaurants,fully equipped, can accommodate 200 people. Famous chefs are responsible for authentic dishes such as Hui cuisine, Yue cuisine, Chuan cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine which are all very tastefully done with unique flavors, with rich characteristics and excellent flavor. Service facilities such as sauna, beauty salon, business center, and shopping are also available.

  • It is the hotel closest to Guangming Peak.
    Hidden in green hills and pines, it disappears and reappears again in gentle breeze and floating clouds. It is only three-minute ride from here to the small train at Xihai Grand Canyon that receives ten million hits on Douyin. You may see sunrise at Guangming Peak and see sunset at Xihai Peaks. By doing so, you can grasp the beauty of the sun and changing weather here.
  • There is a landscape of natural gardens in full elements.
    There are a whole host of spots nearby Guangming Peak, Lotus Peak, Haixin Pavilion, Baiyun River, Buxian Bridge, Yunshan Buddha’s Wall, Cliff Walk at Xihai Grand Canyon, etc. In a spring dawn, you may enjoy flourishing trees ,blooming flowers ad murmuring streams; in an autumn dusk, you may feast on the glittering Buddha’s wall, beautiful red leaves and boundless clouds, which speaks truly of an image depicted in a line of poem by Du Mu, a poet of Tang Dynasty, which goes “Traveling cold hills afar along a narrow road, white clouds were rising from a farmer' home” .
  • It is highly popular on social network.
    With 25,000 comments in Ctrip.com and a high rating of 4.8, it is ranked the second talked hotel in Anhui Province and honored in successive "Online Popular FIT Hotel", "Most Popular Resort Hotel", "Best Hotel Catering Award" and "Most Romantic Hotel for Couples".
  • Here, you can appreciate the essence of the ancient Huizhou culture with a history of thousands of years old.
    In large-scale folk performances of “Impression of Sky Sea, Unforgettable White Cloud”, you can enjoy dragon and lion dances, Huangmei opera, and gong and drum music. You can experience outdoor film festivals and shadow play performances in summer. You may also recall your childhood when watching the movie A Girl from Mount Huangshan.
  • It is a model of good quality and family-oriented service.
    As a famous restaurant that offers Hui cuisine and one of top 20 Chinese four-star hotels, it is provided with the first geothermal heating facility, the first canopy restaurant, the first food street, the first smart hotel management system in the scenic area, and its smart, romantic, cozy and sweet atmosphere has captivated the hearts of thousands of people. Its high-end butler-like service and good reputation have won countless good words, and its family-oriented philosophy has touches many people, giving them an unforgettable journey.
"A fresh sentence to write on red leaves , a good reason to check in Baiyun Hotel with your family." "Baiyun (white cloud)" is a poetic and dream-like name and Jia (home) is a place where your soul belongs. Baiyun Hotel will be your second home.Choose Baiyun, and No regrets!
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