China's modern tourism industry starts from this year

On the eve of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, Deng Xiaoping said to the heads of the National Tourism Administration and the Civil Aviation Administration of the State Council during his meeting with Mr. Sewell, chairman of the US Pan American Airlines that "Civil aviation and tourism are two industries worth of developing. Deng Xiaoping also calculated the bill with confidence, "If one tourist spends 1,000 US dollars and 10 million of them are received, then we can make 10 billion US dollars." Even if only 5 million were received, we can still make 5 billion US dollars. We must strive to achieve this goal of earning foreign exchange by the end of this century." Deng Xiaoping also clearly proposed the idea of speeding up the development of tourism with the insight of a strategist and the courage of a politician. "Tourism has great potential that can be tapped and its development shall be attached importance and accelerated. Tourism can bring about lots of money in a fast way, so paying off foreign debts will not be a problem any more. Why can't we develop it vigorously? This is his first strategic decision made from the overall perspective of reform and opening up, and also the first time that he clearly affirmed the nature of tourism as an economic industry.

  • all the inconvenience of transportation, and gave the important instructions of "Mount Huangshan is a good place to develop tourism" and "Make the brand of Mount Huangshan well known" with the vision and perspective of a great man, which is the prelude of modern tourism in Mount Huangshan and even in China. .

    Forty years ago, no cableway was built in Mount Huangshan, and only shabby huts in poor sanitary conditions were provided for accommodating tourists. Deng Xiaoping, who was then 75 years old, visited Mount Huang and climbed to the top on foot. Taking Mount Huang as a precedent, he proposed with a unique economic vision to open up the country through tourism, welcome foreigners, develop tourism industry to earn foreign exchange, and boost economy through emerging fields.

  • It was during such a critical period that 75 years' old Deng Xiaoping visited Mount Huang on foot. With the far-reaching vision and extraordinary courage of a great men of the century, he repeatedly stressed that "you must free your mind, start the machine and blaze new trails to increase income." In addition, with the focus of the Party's work shifted to economic construction and reform and opening up both at home and abroad, the development of tourism industry in Mount Huangshan and even in China would be faced with unprecedented opportunities and conditions. Much could be done. Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping's strategic decision, Huangshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, seized the opportunity to bravely break through the forbidden zone, emancipated the mind, opened wider to the outside world, actively utilized foreign capital, and thus presented Mount Huangshan, which was located in the mountainous area of southern Anhui with undeveloped transportation and had long been "unknown to outsiders", to the world and composed a magnificent poem of development in Mount Huangshan.