Beautiful Huizhou, First Goes Small Town
In July 2016, the "Notice on Developing Characteristic Towns", jointly issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance, clearly proposed to create about 1,000 small characteristic and energetic towns in terms of leisure tourism, trade and logistics, modern manufacturing, education and science, traditional culture, beauty and livability by 2020.
Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd, utilizing the platform of a listed company, makes due contributions to citywide tourism and holistic tourism, and echoes the central strategy for rural revitalization. It tries to develop in holistic tourism and rural revitalization a special industry that will turn a small town into a new growth point for tourism.
Characteristic towns do not refer to ordinary towns or districts, nor are they administrative districts or industrial parks, but are development platforms that are relatively independent of urban areas and have a clear industrial position, cultural connotation, tourism features and certain community functions. The industrial orientation of characteristic towns is "one town, one industry", highlighting "being special and powerful"; The functions of them should be integrated "closely into the industry", underlining "being gathered and integrated"; The feature of them should be "outstanding and exquisite" , emphasizing " being small but beautiful"; The operation mechanism of them is to "remove old and rigid practices" and be " flexible and creative".
"No two towns are the same", and be"small but beautiful"

In the past, constructions in some Chinese cities were remarked as being "the same" as no attention was paid to differentiated construction and development. Now, in the construction of characteristic towns, the idea of "Not two towns are the same" has been presented from the beginning. A glimpse of the idea of building small towns with Chinese characteristics could be caught from the characteristics themselves.

Beneficial Exploration under the New Normal

The New-type urbanization represented by characteristic towns is a valuable exploration for China under the new normal. If the transformation and upgrading is the result of the combined effect of being forced and pulling, then the characteristic town is a positive pulling force or a new mechanism.

Gather Development Elements Through Characteristics

Characteristic towns,very short in history, have already shown great demonstration effect and development potential. For many places, the construction of characteristic towns is not only the current focus of work, but also the future.

The four major elements of a tourist town are as follows: taking tourism as its main function, culture as its theme, new life as its major foundation, and future development as its main guide. Tourism towns in history were all formed naturally, or it could be said an untended willow grew. Particularly, many ancient towns, without the conception of developing tourism, grew naturally into tourist towns given their cultural, landscape and living resources.