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Huangshan Xihai Hotel Co., Ltd.

About Huangshan Xihai Hotel, A Leisure Resort

Huangshan Xihai Hotel is a high-end leisure resort in Mount Huangshan Scenic Area and also the earliest Chinese foreign joint venture mountain hotel. It is the home atop Mount Huang for foreign guests, entertaining the largest number of tourists from other nations, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan among hotels in Huangshan City.

  • Xihai Hotel, with the altitude of 1600 meters, is located in the Mount Huangshan Xihai Scenic Area.

    It is a fully equipped and multi-functional building in Nordic mountain villa style, offering high quality service. The main building has 123 standard rooms and 3 suites, while Xihai Mountain Villa provides more than 500 beds in standard rooms. Sauna massage, beauty salon, business center, conference room, dance hall, shopping mall and other services are also provided.

    Huizhou Celebrity Banquet, the specialty catering of the hotel, was awarded the title of “Chinese Famous Banquet”. The hotel is granted the titles of "National Excellent Star-rated Hotel", "National Green Catering Enterprise", etc.

  • It is the top choice for a relaxing holiday.
    Overhead lies the Scenic Areas of the Guangming Peak and Flying Stone; To its west is the Scenic Area of Xihai Peaks; To its east are Lion Peak and Shixin Peak; In its surrounding are classic Scenic Areas like Paiyun Pavilion, Fairy Drying Shoes, Fairy Walking on Stilts, Wu Song Fighting the Tiger and Tuanjie Pine. As the entrance to the fantastic Xihai Grand Canyon in the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area and an ideal accommodation for tourists to Mount Huangshan, it is a magical experience hotel in the mountains and clouds. Come and experience the fun of enjoying the most beautiful changing scenery; come and breathe in healthy fresh air in the natural oxygen bar; come and hide yourself in the mountain for a healthy foot bath, a classic SPA, or the beautiful view of "Ripping water shimmering on sunny day, no chime of bells or drums is heard when sound asleep "; come and you will surely love in the first sight.
  • It is a place for relaxing and rest during the journey.
    The fragrance of flowers pervades the place, and the style is revealed in simplicity. It is a hotel that integrate convenience and efficiency into the tranquil,comfortable and picturesque environment. Here, in the coffee bar at the highest altitude in East China, you can invite several friends for a cup of coffee and chat or read several pages of Travel Notes of Xu Xiake while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Mount Huangshan through the window and experiencing the comfort in the mountain and in the slower rhythm of life.
  • It is a place where foodies can have all kinds of tasty snacks.
    Elegance is sublimated here; delicacies are gathered here. Xihai Hotel, in virtue of the two main carriers of "Studio of Master Jiao Genmu" and "Huizhou Celebrity Banquet", is committed to building a Hui cuisine restaurant. Every course of Hui cuisine, such as "Scholar Stew", "Cheng Dawei Abacus", "Education Thoughts of Tao Xingzhi ", "Maoyin Currency-like Shrimp", "Zhuang Yuan in the Three Successive Examinations ( Xiangshi, Huishi and Dianshi) ", has its own unique cultural references.To enjoy the delicious food is like flipping through the history of Huizhou.
Come to Huangshan and stay in Xihai Hotel to enjoy the comfort.Our hotel will be the home in your journey, not merely a place for stopover.
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