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Beihai Hotel, Huangshan Tourism Development Co.,Ltd

State Guest-Class Enjoyment- About Beihai Hotel

"A painter will choose Beihai as his pigments and clouds his canvas as flowers are blooming in a flowerpot of mountain. " As the earliest reception architecture in the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area with a history of more than 60 years, Beihai Hotel becomes well-known as a place to enjoy “the beautiful scenery of Mount Huangshan and the service of being received a state guest”.

  • Beihai Hotel, located at the Beihai Scenic Area of Mount Huangshan Scenic Area at an altitude of 1630 meters, consists of Sanhuajingshe Mansion, the main building, Gongyang Villa and Shuguang Villa, covering an area of 26.6 acres and possessing a total of 240 presidential suites, deluxe suites, junior suites ,standard rooms, single rooms and multiple bedded economic rooms. There is also a variety of Chinese and Western restaurants, banquet halls and multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, shopping malls and various entertainment and leisure facilities fully equipped.

    As the only state hotel in Mount Huangshan Scenic Area, it has received many party and state leaders, foreign political figures and celebrities.

  • The beautiful view of Mount Huangshan and the charming culture of Beihai are beyond compare.
    A 20-minute walk to the Yungu cableway, it has the best view of Beihai in Mount Huangshan Scenic Area at an elevation of 1630 meters. Gongyang Mountain in the back, Lion Peak to the front, Shixin Peak to the right , and Danxia Peak to the left, its excellent location give you the best view of most wonderful scenery all year round. Here, you can watch the sunrise, the sunset and clouds and listen to pines wobbling in the wind.
  • It is a place of excellent services where talents gather and state guests meet.
    Over the years, Beihai Hotel has been an important reception place for party and state leaders, domestic and foreign political figures and celebrities. Beihai's bespoke and attention-to-detail service philosophy and its quality service to the satisfaction and surprise of guests have won wide praise from all walks of life.
  • Everlasting is its charm and constantly upgrading are its products.
    The unique Beihai catering brand of the “beautiful scenery, delicious food and beautiful mood” integrates catering cultures and various cuisines home and abroad into Hui cuisine. The “Healthy Banquet” and “Mountain Delicacies Banquet” are extremely refined and become popular with guests.
Come to Mount Huangshan and choose Beihai Hotel, enjoying a unique experience.
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