• The company currently has 11 subordinate hotels, 6 of which are alpine

    The 6 hotels in the mountain, namely Beihai Hotel, Xihai Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, Shilin Hotel, Paiyunlou Hotel and Yupinglou Hotel, are all four-star rated; Among them, Xihai Hotel was newly built and renovated according to the standards of a five-star hotel.

    2 hotels, five-star rated Xuanyuan International Hotel and four-star rated Tangquan Hotel, are lying at the foot of the mountain, one at the north gate and the other at the south gate.

    There are four hotels in the urban area of Huangshan city: Huangshan International Hotel, Yucheng Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts,Tunxi Huishangguli Hotel, and Chongdelou Hotel. Among them, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is entrusted to the management of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).