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Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Huangshan International Hotel Branch


Huangshan International Hotel is located in the center of Huangshan City, which is the best ecotourism city in China. The back of the hotel is next to the Secondary Huashan Mountain, and Tunxi Old Street is a close neighbor, with mountains and rivers and beautiful environment. Visitors can visit the old street, Xin'an landscape belt, Huizhou Zhaobi sculpture group, ancient villages surrounded by the lake, Longshan zen moon, Geshan lotus, Sanjiang haze, Huizhou Culture Museum, Huangcun Jinshi, Yang Yegong Memorial Hall, Daizhen Park and other attractions within 6 kilometers. The hotel was opened in 1995 and was awarded as a five-star hotel in 2010. It is invested and managed by Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

  • General Introduction of the Hotel

    Hotel conference center covers an area of 3800 square meters, with different patterns and functions of meeting rooms and 7 conference halls, which can accommodate 800 people in total. It has 6-channel simultaneous interpretation, dedicated transmission cable, acquisition and dissemination equipment and other advanced conference service systems, and can be networked with television live broadcasting.

  • Geographic Position
    The hotel is 6km from the airport, 2.8km from the railway station, 3.6km from the high-speed intersection, 13km from the high-speed railway station and 1.5km from the bus station, making very convenient transportation.
  • Hotel Features
    The hotel has more than 356 rooms, including "Xin'an river view rooms", "ecological oxygen bar rooms" in all kinds of standard and single rooms. The featured rooms are spacious and bright with dry and wet separated bathrooms, and equipped with high-grade cotton bed products to bring superior sleep environment for guests. Inside the Hotel, there are Chinese and Western restaurants and bars, which can accommodate 800 people for dinner. Chef carefully cooks simple, healthy, environmental-friendly Hui cuisine to treat customers.
  • Look Forward to Seeing You
    In order to build Huizhou Cultural Theme Hotel, we have designed the theme book bar of "Guoda · Reading-Admiring" and the intention hall of "Xishan Nap" to create a good cultural environment and guide tourists to slow down the pace of travel and meditate on the Huizhou culture. We adhere to the concept of "treating tourists as relatives", and make it the core values of our enterprise. We will provide five-star quality service for guests with 100% sincerity and efforts.