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Shilin Hotel of Huangshan Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.

Home of Photography – Introduction of Shilin Hotel

Located in the Beihai Scenic Area, an essential area of Huangshan Scenic Area, Shilin Hotel is the first 4-star tourism hotel in the scenic area and the first hotel themed by photography culture in mountain scenic area of China. Built on the site of 400- year-old “Lion Grove Garden Buddhist Temple”, it is 1,630 m above the sea level. As a saying goes, “a blessed place in the Lion Grove Garden, and a sacred mountain at the top of the Qingliang Table”.

  • Shilin Hotel is located at the foot of Lion Peak in the Beihai Scenic Area of Mount Huangshan and next to Wansong Forest.

    The hotel covers an area of more than 6,700 square meters, and has 144 standard rooms and 7 deluxe suites. The deluxe suite is decorated in a modern and elegant manner and is arranged in a cozy manner. The Chinese restaurant is traditional in style and elegant in environment with various banquet halls, cafeterias and Western restaurants. In addition, there are conference rooms, ballrooms, lobby bars, Internet cafes, sauna, beauty salons and other service facilities.

    There are plenty of delicious food that are originated from the 400-year-old Lion Grove Garden, such as Lion Grove Garden “Blessed Land” Banquet, “Ecological Banquet”, “Tea Fragrance Banquet”, “Vegetarian Banquet”, “Jinshi Banquet”, each of which is fabulous. It also provides authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine, Korean barbecue and Western food.

  • Here, all your dreams about Mount Huangshan will come true.
    Huizhou style architecture with gray walls and black tiles well integrates Huizhou buildings with dream of Mount Huangshan, while the monastery of Lion Grove Garden even restores the realm of meditation of “Lion Grove Garden Buddhist Temple” more than 400 years old. Staying in it, you can think about life from the Buddhist culture of thousands of years, and clean up your mind in the beautiful mountains.
  • Here the scenery and history are well combined.
    Tang Xianzu, the Chinese famous dramatist in Ming Dynasty once praised Huizhou as "the fairyland on earth". Mount Huangshan makes Huizhou a grand and magnificent place, while Lion Grove Garden adds vivid color for it. In the beautiful Lion Grove Garden with 400 years history, you can look up at “Flying Stone” , look down at “Dream about the blooming of writing brush”, sleep on the "Qingliang Table" and take a close look at the “Rock Monkey Watching the Sea". Here, you will be embraced by bewildering beautiful scenery. Beautiful articles and ancient pines, towers and temples have added more ancient charm to the 400-year-old Lion Grove Garden. The names of Xu Xiake, Cui Guoyin and Zhang Jingjiang remain immortal. In the Lion Grove Garden, you can not only think about the history, but also feel the rich Huizhou culture.
  • Here gathers the fine food of Hui cuisine.
    The taste of fine food in Shilin Hotel will bring lasting relish on your lips and teeth. Staying at Shilin Hotel, you could taste “Ecological Banquet”, “Tea Fragrance Banquet”, “Vegetarian Banquet”, “Photography Banquet” of Lion Grove Garden- the blessed land, and each of which is a fabulous meal. And also could taste local “Eight Dishes” and “Ten Bowls and Eight Dishes”, all of them are classic cuisine. What you eat is Hui cuisine, and what you taste is cultural delight.
  • It is the paradise for photographers to create works.
    As the first photography culture theme hotel in mountain scenic area of China, it provides photography consultation and guide, photography equipment lease and other photography services, so that you can truly feel the charm of photography at the top of Mount Huangshan. Here, you will discuss your experience with experts from China Photo Press and PSA (China) on photography, and have a chance to communicate skills with photographers from Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, and Fujian etc. Here, you can use camera to record the most beautiful moment in life.
People are always in pursuit of money, or fame, or marriage of a previous life, or a wonderful journey.

but no matter what you are looking for, we promise you Shilin Hotel will bring you to embark on an unforgettable journey of pursuing dreams.
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