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Huishangguli Hotel of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

"Chinese Hui Cuisine Heritage Famous Shop"

Huishangguli Hotel, located in the center of Huangshan city, is under Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. with convenient transportation and pleasant environment Featured by Hui cuisine, it was officially opened on January 18, 2005. It has 3 halls in different styles and 30 varying boxes, which can accommodate more than a thousand people at the same time, is an ideal place for gathering of friends and family, event banquets and meetings.

Major Honors
Over the years, it has successively won the honors of "National Five-diamond Restaurant", "Five-leaf National Green Catering Enterprise", "National Standardization Good Behavior Level 4A", "China Hui cuisine Heritage Famous Shop", "China Service Most Creative Cultural Theme Restaurant", "Top 50 Characteristic Charm Hotel (Catering) Enterprises of Anhui Province", "Top 100 Anhui Tourist Brands", "Outstanding Brands of Anhui Specialty Catering", "Advanced Units of Anhui Province Catering Industry", "Anhui Integrity Tourist Hotel Level 5A", "Huangshan Famous Brand Products", "Top 100 Price Integrity Management Enterprises of Huangshan City", "Huangshan City Food Hygiene Level A Units", "Huangshan City May 1st Labor Award", and repeatedly claimed championship in provincial and municipal cooking competitions.

"Obsessed with the paradise for a lifetime, yet dreaming to Huizhou. "Huizhou culture carries a fresh and meaningful history and amount to a world treasure filled with ancient flavor." You can feel the rich Huizhou style filled in Huishangguli, watching the Huizhou style architecture, tasting the Hui cuisine, reading the literary classics, and acclaiming the three carvings.