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Xihai Grand Canyon Sightseeing Cable Car Branch of Huangshan Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.

Xihai Railway, An Internet Sensation

Photos of Xihai Grand Canyon, an place of internet sensation, taken by netizens riding Xihai cableway once dominated the TikTok. The canyon, immersed in floating mist and clouds and with picturesque scenery everywhere, has become an must-see attraction for tourists visiting Mount Huangshan, and the sightseeing cableway has also turned into a trendy program that everyone scrambles to experience and is given the name of “Xihai railway”

  • Full length

    892 (meter)
  • Altitude difference of the cableway

    497 ( meter)
  • Running speed

    8 ( m/s)
  • Passengers per cable car

    60+1 ( person)
  • One-way traffic volume

    800 (person/hour)
  • The Xihai sightseeing cableway, completed and put in operation in July 2013, is a single-line two-cabin reversible ground cableway, with the main equipment imported from the Austrian Doppelmayr Garaventa Group. It was completed in 27 months, during which the difficulties of complicated geological conditions, large volume of material transportation, high requirements for environmental protection and for the installation accuracy of mechanical equipment were overcame. The Xihai sightseeing cableway in operation provides safe, comfortable, convenient and fast transportation service for tourists to the Xihai Grand Canyon and meets their needs for a quick cross over the canyon, thus improving the quality of their tour.