The principle of “Safety First” has always been followed in Huangshan Cableway, which strictly implements the 4-level inspection and maintenance system in equipment maintenance, and attaches importance to equipment management to ensure the safe operation and good economic and social benefits. It has built a professional cableway team with excellent skills and good qualification. It has also established a domestic cableway training base, which is highly praised in the industry.

  • In 2014, the Huangshan Tourismn Cableway Industry took the initiative to go out and outsourced the management of Lingshan cableway. It participated in the formulation of national industry standards, and organized scientific research on the cableway industry. For example, it has participated in the compiling of the Manual on Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision for Special Equipment, Usage Manual of Cableway and etc; it carried out the subject research on Establishing and Improving the Maintenance System on Passenger Cableway to Ensure the Safe Operation.

    There are four main cableway companies in the cableway industry, namely Huangshan Yungu Cableway Branch, Huangshan Taiping Cableway Co., Ltd., Huangshan Yuping Passenger Cableway Co., Ltd, and Xihai Grand Canyon Cable Car Branch (also shareholding a cableway in Jingyuetan of Changchun city)

    After many years of efforts, Huangshan Cableway has established itself as the benchmark of cableway industry, and the cableway companies have been awarded successively as the National Youth Civilization Company, the National Advanced Cultural Enterprise of Passenger Cableway, the National Winner Enterprise in Ankang Cup Competition and the National First Class Enterprise of Work Safety Standardization. Besides, the four cableways are all rated as 5S cableway (highest level).