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Huangshan Yuping Passenger Cableway Co., Ltd.

The nearest cableway from Welcoming-Guests on Mount Huangshan

The old Yuping Cableway was completed and put into operation in September 1996. Its reconstruction started in April 2014 and the new cableway was put into operation in June 2015. The reconstructed one is a single-line reversible passenger cableway with detachable grips and suspended cars. The main electromechanical equipment is imported from Austrian Doppelmayr Gavaventa Group with perfect monitoring systems and safe and reliable performance.

  • Full length

    2600 (meter)
  • Altitude difference of the cableway

    871 ( meter)
  • Cableway supports

    12 (No.)
  • Running speed

    6 ( m/s)
  • Passengers per cable car

    8 ( person)
  • One-way traffic volume

    2400 (person/hour)
  • The reconstructed Yuping Cableway greatly improved the peak transportation capacity, shortened the waiting time of tourists, and solved the traffic bottleneck problem in the front range. It provided convenience for tourists to and from the mountain, and became the most convenient cableway for viewing the Welcoming-Guests Pines and even a suspended “Golden Passage” of the scenic area. It was awarded the 2015 Excellent Project in Cooperation with Central Enterprises of Anhui Province.