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Yungu Cableway Branch of Huangshan Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.

Witness of China’s Cableway Development

Yungu Cableway is the first self-built passenger cableway in Mount Huangshan Scenic Area, and one of the earliest in China. Experiences were accumulated and techniques for transforming and updating were mastered during the active preparing for the construction of Yungu cableway, which has been updated from the reversible one to the circulating one.This construction and transformation history mirrors the development history of Chinese cableway.

  • Full length

    2666 (meter)
  • Altitude difference of the cableway

    775 ( meter)
  • Cableway supports

    18 (No.)
  • Running speed

    6 ( m/s)
  • Passengers per cable car

    8 ( person)
  • One-way traffic volume(person/hour)

    2000 (person/hour)
  • In 1984, the construction of old Yungu cableway was started despite of various difficulties such as financial constraints and insufficiency in experience and materials. Huangshan people, who crossed the river by feeling the stones, selected the routes after surveying the mountain and terrain, and set up the equipment. After more than two years of painstaking construction, the old Yungu cableway was officially put into operation in June 1986, ushering in an era of cableway for Mount Huangshan. In November 2006, the old Yungu cable was rebuilt and put into operation in October 2007. The new Yungu cableway is a single-line circulating passenger one with detachable grips and suspended cabins. The main equipment was imported from the Austrian Doppelmayr Garaventa Group. The rebuilt Yungu Cableway was one that is the most environment-friendly, installed with the highest accuracy, constructed in the shortest time and with the best comprehensive benefits in China then.