Scenic Area Development and Management Company, affiliated to Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., was established in 2005. It owns Landscape Development Branch, Huashan Mystery Cave Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Wastewater Treatment Management Station, and is mainly engaged in environmental sanitation and cleaning of Scenic Areas, tickets management, scenic area development and management, scenic area sewage treatment and management.

Through years of practical exploration and experience, the scenic area development section has set a "standard" brand, among national mountain-type Scenic Areas, in scenic areatour trail construction and scenic area environmental cleaning, etc. The Technical Specifications for the Construction of Scenic Areas Tourism Line and the Environmental Cleaning Requirements for Scenic Areas prepared under its lead, were identified as local standards in Anhui Province and included in the national standards for filing.
At present, exposure draft of the national standard for Technical Specifications for the Construction of Scenic Areas Tourism Line has been completed, and now it is reviewed and modified by experts from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Cleaning Service Specification for Mountain-type Tourism Scenic Area, the first national standard of the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area edited, was officially promulgated in 2015 and implemented on January 1, 2016.

Mount Huangshan

It is world cultural and natural heritage, World Geopark, National AAAAA-level Tourist Attraction, National Scenery Tourist Attraction, Demonstration Site of the National Civilized Scenery Tourist Area, one of China's Top Ten Famous Mountains, and the Most Fantastic Mountain under Heaven.

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Taiping Lake

It has rich tourism resources and unique lakes and mountains; with clear and graceful waters, mountains ups and downs, and scattered islands like beads, it is known as "Huangshan Couples", "Chinese Jade", "World Pearl" and "Oriental Lake Geneva".

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Huashan Mystery Cave

Covering natural scenery and human landscapes, such as green mountains, clear water, idyllic scenery, millennium mysterious grottoes, rare peaks and rocks, cliff and stone carvings, temple, ancient architecture, etc., it is a comprehensive scenic areawith high taste and suitable for visitors of all levels.

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