Mount Huangshan, Birthplace of Modern Chinese tourism
Mount Huangshan in 1979
China's modern tourism industry starts from this year
In July 1979, Deng Xiaoping,75 years' old, tramped Mount Huangshan despite all the inconvenience of transportation, and gave the important instructions of "Mount Huangshan is a good place to develop tourism" and "Make the brand of Mount Huangshan well known" with the vision and perspective of a great man, which was the prelude of modern tourism in Mount Huangshan and even in China.
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  • Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd-" Top Listed Tourism Company" in China
    Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., formerly known as Anhui Huangshan Tourism Development Company, started its joint-stock system reorganization in October 1985; issued foreign shares for the first time in October 1996, with a total of 193 million shares at the time of listing; and listed 80 million B-shares for trading on November 22, 1996. Learn more
  • Comprehensively Promote the "Tourism+"Strategy and Power the New Journey of "Restarting the Tourism"

    The 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Huangshan City clearly states that the "Tourism+" strategy should be taken as a guidance to further promote the establishment of holistic tourism demonstration areas in China.

    It was clearly stressed in the symposium on Huangshan reform and development held in July 2015 by the Huangshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government that "we should go downhill and go out to explore and promote the restarting of Huangshan tourism". Mayor Kong Xiaohong emphasized that "the three awareness of First Rate Quality, Responsibility and Reform and Innovation should be underlined to promote better development of scenic areas".
    Mount Huangshan tourism, closely centered on the development strategy of "going downhill and going out" and "restarting the tourism", pushes forward the implementation of "Tourism+"strategy and strives to enter a new era of "restarting the tourism".


Beautiful Huizhou, First Goes Small Town
Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd, utilizing the platform of a listed company, makes due contributions to citywide tourism and holistic tourism, and echoes the central strategy for rural revitalization. It tries to develop in holistic tourism and rural revitalization a special industry that will turn a small town into a new growth point for tourism.

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Tourism+New Retail

Focus on Cultural and Creative Tourism and Retail Areas, and Boost Experience Economy Through Cooperative Innovation
Mount Huangshan Gift, a holistic new retail-themed commercial community of the scenic area(IP), embraces young consumers and injects fresh consumption vitality into the scenic area,creating a new hot spot for cultural consumption in Mount Huangshan.

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Integrate Destination Tourism Resources and Make Supply-side Reform
Provide tourists heading Huangshan City with an all-round and whole journey online service platform, the OTA e-commerce of which focus on tourism destinations, mainly resource landing. The e-commerce platform could be used to meet various new needs for consumption more accurately from the supply-side, thus break the boundary between tourism in off-season and peak season and usher in a new age of full-season and all-for-one tourism.

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Tourism+Supply Chain

Finish the work of project site selection and plan to build a tourism food culture complex integrating tourism, sightseeing, experience, dining, shopping, production and storage.


Conduct strategic cooperation with French MND Group and Beijing Fangtaike Co., Ltd. to promote outdoor sports tourism projects in Huashan Mystery Cave Comprehensive Resort.

Tourism+Performing Arts

Carry out strategic cooperation with the National Culture, Science and Technology Innovation Service Alliance to promote cave performance project in Huashan Mystery Cave; Enter strategic cooperation with Beijing Hanhe Culture Co., Ltd. and other companies to introduce Japan's Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, a world-renowned art festival, and promote the multi-format integration of tourism in Yimei town and the whole urban an rural areas.